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Is it possible to change text colour in the console window with Python?
If so, could anyone tell me how?

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Check Colorama

pip install colorama
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Hmmm... I have downloaded the module, and moved it the Python27 , but when i try import colorama it says that the module I am looking for doesent exist! What am I doing wrong?

If you use the Windows OS, you can use this approach:

# display text on a Windows console
# Windows XP with Python27 or Python32

from ctypes import windll

# needed for Python2/Python3 diff
    input = raw_input


stdout_handle = windll.kernel32.GetStdHandle(STD_OUTPUT_HANDLE)

# look at the output and select the color you want
# for instance hex E is yellow on black
# hex 1E is yellow on blue
# hex 2E is yellow on green and so on
for color in range(0, 75):
    windll.kernel32.SetConsoleTextAttribute(stdout_handle, color)
    print("%X --> %s" % (color, "Have a fine day!"))

input("Press Enter to go on ... ")
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