Hi ive got a problem and im not sure how to do this one :(
Im currently working on a dll and wondering on how something would work ?

Public Sub CtsItemsTooltipText**(ByVal MyCustomItemsTooltipString As String)**
** MyCustomColumnsTooltipString = "This will display the Columns section for a Custom database" & vbNewLine & "Ps. Please Remember to click Custom database at the Choose Box"**

I know that wont work. How would i assign a string to that what is equals to?
I know dats just declaring a new string but how can i link both of them ?

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okay here it is how can i access a string inside a function which also has a value
string = "" < i want that value

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how can i access a string inside a function which also has a value

Well, the string has the value that you just passed it, and then you seem to just set it to the text you want your tooltip to display.

Do you want this to return something? For the you need a function, not a sub.

If you're trying to return something from a local class or dll, you need to have a function that the calling class can use to get the local variable.


Class myclass
    private Dim myBall as String = "this is a ball"

    Function passball() as String
        passball = myBall
        return passball
    end Function

What this would do (if it were functional code, being called by another class) is have the function passball() called. Then, it would assign passball (the variable inside the function) the value of myBall, and pass it to the calling class, which is the value we were looking for.

You've got a sub, which does something, but doesn't return a value. Can you shed some light on how you're going to use this, so we can give better answers?

(sorry if I sound didactic -I was just trying to be clear.)

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