hello..i'm really appreciate of what both of u did to help me..but this is my real problem. i'm trying to build fca tool and until today i only can browse the data, load the data n show it on space. i try to build a context table based on the data after clicking button 'context'.

then, based on the table, the tool will produce a lattice tree after click button 'lattice'..in the folder i attached below, i provide my project..together with the data and example of table that i trying to buil. hope all of u can help me..thanks

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please help me guys..this is for my final year project in my course..really need your help

Hmmm, since this is for your final project you would think that these topics were probably gone through during the semester at some point. Also, you already started a thread for this - why not just tack this on the end of it rather than creating a new one?

i really need to finish this tool..i'm doing a research on fca n need to build a tool based on that...i've been given a data by my supervisor n i need to show the output(lattice) based on the tool

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