I would like to seek help from all experts in VB.NET (VB Language) regarding copying file from source folder to destination folder.

I have a files named YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.txt. Now i want to build a small project to copy those file to destination folder. The project should work in following manner:

  1. Check Computer Date
  2. Look for the file in destination folder similar to computer date and then copy that file to destination folder. For example:
    Let say Computer Date is 26/12/2012. When the program starts, it should check the computer date and then look for the file named 20121226*.txt. If the file is present then it should start copying else it should give a message saying the file does not exists.
  3. It should create log file storing the copy information.

Can any one help me how to have above feature in my project.


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Till now how far you wrote code for this? You want someone to write code for you?


That is not a question, that is a specification. As stated above, show what you have tried and described what is giving you problems.


For the date use the Date.Today() function.

To take the date from the format dd/mm/yyyy and put it in the form ddmmyyyy you will need to build a new string like this Date.Today.Day & Date.Today.Month & Date.Today.Year

To check if a file exists you need to use the System.IO.File.Exists(path) function

Hope this helps. Should be enough to complete your task

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