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um i can see some relation ships actually between vectors in phyics and c++
Really? Care listing some of them here? For others to learn?

ok now as i under stand about what arrays are i will now show the relationship between a physics vector and a c++ vector but next post ill need to get my physics book to properly explain this

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Better if you name this thread with something relevant. Like "Similarities between C++ vectors and Physics Vectors". That would describe the content better. Thanks for considering my request. :D

PS. Within 15 or 30 minutes of posting you can see the "Edit this Post" button.


actually sorry peoples i have just realized im fine with vectors in phyics but i am going to need a lot of more info about c++ to explain this cuz im a beginer but dont wory i will come up with a result some time so bye for now


What do you mean you didnt get in on time?
The thread was started at 2.33 PM
You made that post at 2.46 PM
That is only 13 minutes.


Can't you see it near the "Quote Reply" and "Quick Reply" Buttons? See attached image on this message.

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um there is another problem after i edited it it still didnt change actually it did for alittle while but then it went back to how it was may its cuz of the time


There's no relation. You can make about any object simulate a simple physics vector, but a C++ vector is just a container. If the name was different would you still think there's a relationship?

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