I've been trying to use different methods to insert buttons into a treeview control. But I couldn't figure it out. Someone told me it was not worth the hassle. Im new to vb and im trying yo figure out how to prepare a collapsible listview which shows links to different forms.

To make it clear, I have taken a snapshot and circled the section which im trying to create. I have no idea how that person did it.i tried creating a collapsible panel but that didn't create right effect. any suggestions? atleast a clue on how that was made.


Above is the link

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I have never used a veiw like the one shown and I don't think that is not a listview shown, I think it is a panel and it seams to me they have set up buttons and in the click event of the button, on first click make the panel visible and on the second click of the button the make the panel invisible. The objects in the panel are most likely labels whos click event calls the function for that object or the objects can be buttons etc. The size, position and contents of the panel can be controlled through various properties. This can get very complicated and can cause even an experienced developer some problems.
My first suggestion is to learn about the use of panels or check out Click Here or Click Here this archive of applications that is free for people to use for study. You may find an app in this acrhive that contains simular code.

This is a kind of control, outlook like side bar menu.
Here you can find a CodeProject source for a first step. Or there.

Hope this helps

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