hallo evryone...i have just installed sql 2005 on winxp and i was wondering how do i access remotely the server from another computer.

i want to know the softwares to download for the client computer..should i also run sql server 2005....i don't know how to access the server...kindly assist

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kindly advice on the programs\ software i need to run on the sql client comp A for it to access the sql server computer on comp B

the site above was very helpful....i appreciate totally.


Well that depends.

For C# there is Mono and Microsoft Visual Studio
Those are the only 2 I know of for C#, but I am sure there are more.

Then you need a SQL Database, now There are a ton of these depends on what you want to do?

Just practice? Go with SQL Express from Microsoft.

Want to develop you may want to look into better Databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL,

Check this link for a comparison:

There are tons more Databases that you may google up, but there are the 3 mains one atm.

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