Hi guys I've been trying to connect my c# file to my database file(in .mdf format created in SQL Server Management Studio 2008). So basically I used visual studio 2008 for my C# file and SQL Server Management Studio 2008 for my database file. Now I'm sure that the naming conventions that I used in C# are the same as the naming conventions with my .mdf database file.

Now I tried to follow the instructions written in this link: http://www.homeandlearn.co.uk/csharp/csharp_s12p1.html

Unfortunately I wasn't able to make it run properly, I mean whenever I type data in my c# app it doesn't appear on the tables that I executed in my .mdf file in management studio... I will upload the files both the C# app and the database file so you can test it, and I hope the link that I have included in this post will be a bit helpful. Please inform me guys how you did it if ever you were able to connect and run them properly. All helps will be very appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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can't download the c# file.

hold up a sec I will try to reupload it bro

For those who cannot download the C# file here it is guys. Thanks in advance again!

Still no good, try and rename your file. Try uploading it to another hosting server.
I got 404 not found error message. Can anybody else download it?

commented: I can't even download it myself I also got 4040 error +2

how about this? I tried making it a .rar file...

Michael do you want me to just send it in your email???

You have PM

one last try... I hope this will work now, tried to placed all the files in the folder instead

still did not work...

rename it to Csharp_zip

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