I have Jbuilder 8 Personal from Borland Installed, and am wondering how to start off in java. Should I convert the file after i've finished into a windows executable, and if so how would I go about it?

Anyone recommend any good tutorials for a computing-experience person, but wants to start java?

Thanks In Advance

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Try the links sections and see if that helps.

Do you have any other programming experience? I might be able to make a better recommendation if you tell me how much experience you have. Also, if you are starting out with Java, I recommend you not using something like JBuilder. I think it's too bulky, slow, and all the other features might seem overwhelming, and you won't even use them while you're starting off. I recommend you using JCreator. It's a fast IDE for Java written in C++ and not Java, which means it'll run a lot faster. The URL is: http://www.jcreator.com/

Let me know if you have some experience with programming.

Dan, I just looked at the screenshots of JCreator and it looks a lot like Visual Studio 6, no?

Yeah, I guess it does look a little bit like it, but a lot of editors have the same look. I really like it because it's fast. JBuilder is just so slow in my opinion. I don't think Java does a good job in the field of GUIs... except for the philosophy of "program once, run almost anywhere"

This thread is a little old...but what the heck.

I personally use JCreator for all my projects too. I agree that JBuilder is rather bulky, so I hardly ever use it. However, not all Swing applications or Java GUIs are as slow as that.

I'm currently using an excellent Java text editor called jEdit and I can say its been a real pleasure using it. The only problem is the start-up time, but it isn't that bad. jEdit is what Java GUI applications should be. :)

if u want to statrt learning java read Java core
it's a good java refrence

new record for Daniweb I think, 3+ years after the last post which was itself a year after the subject had been discarded.

if u want to statrt learning java read Java core
it's a good java refrence

<trying to resist comment/> If you want to be attentive, you should start reading post dates.

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Can someone help me with Apache for JSP isntallation
I found it on
and I need some help because I found it very interesting and I don't found other one free.

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Hi JSP is served by the Jakarta Tomcat Engine. I believe you will have to install a connector in order for it to work with apache. The last time I had Tomcat set up it was used as a standalone only and it did not come as a service. You had to configure that too.

I suggest using the SunWappserver 9.0 along with the tutorial bundle. It will introduce you to JSP, Servlets, XML, Soap and much much more!!! I have it configured on my LAMP server but if you have windows, it will be much easier to install. Go and search sun.com or the web for the Java EE 5 sdk (includes appserver and database) and also the java EE 5 tutorial bundle. The bundle has tutorials for a bookstore app and a banking app. These tutorials will introduce you to the Model-View-Controller (MVC) and common design patterns used in the industry today. Oh yeah, the appserver also comes equiped with a database to deploy your applications. You'll will also be introduced to ANT (another neat tool) for packaging and deployment. Very Easy Installation...Good luck!!!

I made a site namely http://www.freejavaguide.com and hence would like to share some of the useful parts of the site that can be used be each of you.


JAVA Tutorial
Java SCJP Notes 1
Java Test
SCJP Notes 2
Java JDBC Program Tutorial

SQL Tutorial
PLSQL Tutorial

Information for Job Seekers
HTML Tutorial
Web mastery

IT Walkins

and some IBM Programmers Tutorials.

Everything in the website can't be covered here and hence I would like you all to check out this site namely

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