Anyone fimilar with VB scripting with Windows Task Scheduler ? I'm hoping someone can create a custom script when my task is executed. At present, my task runs the program, that's all it does.

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Depends on what you want to do and if you want logging, etc. Would need more details such as what program are you calling? What is your intended outcome?

A simple example would be to create VBS file with something like:

    Call SubToDoSomething()

    Sub SubToDoSomething()

    On Error Resume Next


    End Sub

Once the VBS file has been created, create a scheduled task and point to that file. Set schedule and you're done.

Provide more details and I can provide a better example(s).
Hope this helps.


I would like the script to execute the program Macrium Backup, with pre-defined settings that I want to use. Fill in specific areas, as in comments with things like Date and Time etc.


I assume then it should have a help guide advising you of those command line parameters?
If not, check there site and should have the required documentation.

I believe Macrium use XML files for configuration settings and you just need to reference the EXE and path to XML config file.


Thanks, I have a list now of the command line parameters to create a VB script within the program, if I should have any difficulity I'll update :)

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