Hi forum, I am wanting to advance my programming knowledge to the next level: to create games. I have a pretty-good understanding of VB.NET and I am wondering what I could do to make games. I know that most on-the-web games are written in ActionScript with Adobe Flash, but would Visual Basic be good for games also?

I am wanting to find some books over programming games from scratch, and I do not know of any good ones out there... The ones I have looked at were not very great.

Anyway, thanks for future replies and I hope to receive good advice.

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There is a number of books on game programming for IOS (objective C) and Android devices. I know you want to use your VB.Net knowledge but those devices are probably going to be the mobile game platforms of the future.

Yea, I was actually planning on buying a MacBook next spring so I could start programming for iOS devices. I might start programming for Windows Phone too since I own Visual Studio 2008. Hm... Just have to explore I guess, I am just unaware of any good bookstores or sites that sell books on this topic.

Its a good start but you require more than just your vb.net knowledge. You need graphics handling and more and you may also want to consider hardware resources when picking a language. You can check amazon for a start, they have good books from various publishers.

best Wishes!

if you are planning on making games using vb.net then try Game Studio. Its developer's tool for xbox games, and I think i heard someone say that it uses vb.net as one of the programming languages.

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