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Starting to write 3D images using** JOGL and I can't seem to find any **recent information and help about JOGL and creation. I noticed that most of the terms have changed and it doesn't work. Any recommendations on what I could read to help update me and keep me up to speed.


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  • Did you even read the link? and read does not mean look at it, well either way here is the link on the page I gave under Lesson 4- http://www.leolol.com/drupal/tutorials/3d-graphics-jogl-opengl-etc/jogl-lesson-4-3d-shapes-and-rotation-opengl unless I misunderstood you Read More


I'm not sure, what in specific you are looking for, but here's a great place to start: http://j

I'm looking for a more current guide for beginners to JOGL. I cannot seem to find any new information on it. I'm trying to create 3D images which can be called and manipulated by the user.


Awesomem, thanks for your help. I have read the previous link but I was wondering if there is any other information in form of text(text book).

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