Hello All,

I have been wondering how possible is it to have an application that would run a php application that would be used for making the database updates as well as handling the business logic while on the front end, have delphi forms


The form will be used to capture the data, do the neccessary parsing then through a post command send the collected data to a php script.


  1. Which components can be used to make this into a reality?
  2. What would be the preferable method of data transfer; xml, soap etc?
  1. Depends on your choice of 2. For example, if you build a SOAP service, then you can import the WSDL and use functions. Any other method, you can use Indy or Overbyte.
  2. You can use a REST or SOAP service, or just simple scripts. XML is the preferred transfer method, but since you are building both ends, it is up to you.

Hi Priteas, thanks for the prompt reply

My issue is how to make the post request to the server which can either supply an xml output and am wondering will I have to generate an xml file which am to send or what happens when you click the submit button on a webbrowser form

You can build XML request and for example use Indy HTTP to send it and receive the response. Here is a newsgroup message about it.

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If you may, please point me to a good tutorial on Indy Http Component

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