I am using the code below to bind my Gridview to a datatable and the code works well. However I now want to add data to the datable and its giving me an error "Rows cannot be programmatically added to the DataGridView's rows collection when the control is data-bound.".

So now I want to add the new row to the datatable instead. I want to insert this information into the datatable but from another form and I wanted some help on how i can go about it.Currently this is where I am at,

  Dim myDS As DataSet = MstFileCompanyProductsGrid.ds 
  Dim myDt As DataTable = myDS.Tables(0)

I wanted to know how I can implement this code that I got from Here into my work

    Dim newCustomersRow As SampleDataSet.CustomersRow
    newCustomersRow = SampleDataSet.Customers.NewCustomersRow
    newCustomersRow.CustomerID = "1234"
    newCustomerRow.CompanyName = "Sample Works"

So this is the code I used to fill the Gridview

    Private Sub btnTest_Click(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnTest.Click
    Dim myConn As OleDbConnection = frmLogIn.Conn
    Dim sql As String = "select * from ProductRawMaterial1"
    Dim oledbAdapter As OleDbDataAdapter
        oledbAdapter = New OleDbDataAdapter(sql, myConn)
        RadGridView2.DataSource = ds.Tables(0)
    Catch ex As Exception
    End Try
    End Sub

Please see attached doc file. I'm not having any luck formatting this at all.

    Dim dr As DataRow = FrmSamplDataSet.Tables(0).NewRow
    dr.Item(1) = "Tony's Express"
    dr.Item(2) = "(999) 863-9854"
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