I am learning C from past 1 year, Now, I want to improve my coding skills by learning techniques like dynamic programming, backtracking and all that stuff. Can u please tell me or give me links from where i can learn, practise and improve these skills ? please help me in this case.

thanks. any help will be thankful.

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i think anything from this link. sorry


If u want to learn about dynamic programming then you should learn data structure like linked list, trees etc.
It will help you a lot in learning dynamic programming.


I already learnt linked list, trees and all. please give me links or something else from where I can learn it . please help!!


I already learnt linked list, trees and all.

Clearly you haven't realized how many variations of the above there are. Do you know intimately all of the tree variations listed here? That's just a teeny tiny helping of tree variations and enough to take up a few months of your learning time. You can find a rather huge list of algorithms and data structures that is fairly regularly updated here.

If you do it thoroughly, you could spend years learning about nothing more than tree data structures. So I'm skeptical when anyone says they're "done" learning something so deep and broad as a category of data structures.


Ooops! yes sir, you are absolutely right ! :( thanks for showing me what I am. actually , what i was saying has meaning something different. I have basic (purely only basic, I must say now) knowledge of these things. only what i want was that dynamic programming, etc links and way to learn them. Please tell me how to proceed if i am wrong.

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