hi every body , i recently finished my first project, what i need is how to make my project execute without visual studio , and also connected with the project database , i need the correct steps , thanx before.

What you mean execute without visual studio ?

yes i need executable file to setup to other computers to make my application run.

Well just give them your application. All the computers will need to install .Net Fremework for the version you had set your application, example if your application is v4 framework other computers will net .Net Framework installed to run the application.

from where i can get the executable file?
i dont want to provide my code with the project

Documents>Visual Studio>Projects>ProjectName>ProjectName>bin>Debug
Thats commonly where should it unless you changed the location

To do that you create an installer package. When a user runs the installer it copies all of the files needed to run the application to the user's computer. You can find detailed instructions here