I am working on a project which collects the details of students, and stores it in the database, the data is in the form of excel sheets.
Now I am unable to understand that how do I print only the information present in a cell for e.g. if I want to print the address of only a particular student then how do I do that??
I am able to print the whole details but not the detail present in a cell.
Please help me....

Is this an Excel issue or a C# issue?
Excel-->VBA-->VB forums here.
C#-->let's see what you already have.

Hey thanks "ddanbe", I solved the printing problem, but it seems problems have a different idea, now I have a new problem, i'll tell you from the beginning.
I have designed a software in c# which retrieves excel sheets and stores them in the database, at present I am able to retrieve the excel sheets and show them in a form, now I "want the data to get stored in the database and show it in the datagrid". How to do this??