-->>Hi all out there...
-->>I developed my application in windows 7 lately but my OS crashed suddenly so I decided to install XP SVC-Pack3
-->>I installed back my VB 6.0 but when I run my Application the Codes that were fine in V=Windows 7 are now Mulfunctioning...
-->>Now Iam going crazy with It and I dont know what to do can some one tell me what could be the source of this problem?
-->>Example I wrote the Code for Time() It worked perfectly but now...Boombing my Head
-->>It was like lblTime.Caption=Time() now its no longer working
-->>I also declared a Variable bdConnector as Database but Now the Datatype Database is no longer found
-->>I changed to bdConnector as Connection the same proble I wonder Why,but still no answer...
-->>If any one more interested I may attach it for more assistance
-->>Waiting for your Advices,Thanks

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check if the reference "Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library" is marked.. It should work..
If still cant, then check the version of ur dlls..

-->>Hi frnds2vivek,all of the tips are fine I alredy refferenced "Microsoft DAO 3.6 Object Library". I wrote the line at the Module level and the Compile Error says "Can't find project or library", the code is:->

Option Explicit
Public dbMbezi As Database

-->>Then there occurs a highlight of 'dbMbezi As Database'
-->>The 'dbMbezi' is the variable I'm intending to use to hold My database...
-->>Another Idea or trick...

try using: Public dbMbezi As DAO.Database

if still not working.. go to Tools>References and unselect any checkboxes that have the word MISSING in them from the list of libraries.

When you installed vb6, did you also install vb6 service pack 6. a Lot of your references was included in sp6.

Do: 2nd person above me says.

Check if some reference missing, click the item then see description (name of the missing DLL if any)

Otherwise, install SP'c 5 and 6

-->>Thanx all of U guyz let me try find out abou it,I waznt aware of the SP 5/6 thing now let me see how to start.I'll giv fd back soon and if any Idea where to find SP 5/6 U may help apart from google thing?.Tanx 4 dic guyz

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