Write a C program that finds the smallest number that can be divided by each of the numbers from 2 to 10 without leaving a remainder.

A C programming challenge:
You have a room with 16 people, how many times can they shake hands once with each other?

You see an ad for a software job that goes for 14 days. The conditions are:
on the first day you make 1 cent,
on the second day you double to 2 cents,
on the third day you double this to 4 cents and so on?

Would you take the job?

The game show "Wheel of Fortune" shows a number of empty tiles and gradually (at random) fills in the tiles with the missing letters. The players are given the category and have to guess the word or phrase at the earliest possible moment. Could be a nice game written in C code.

Given the length of three sides, write a C function that checks if it is possible to create a triangle with these sides.

Assume you are involved in making closed cylindrical metal cans. Calculate the ratio of radius to height, to give you the largest volume for the least amount of sheet metal.

x * y = 12345678987654321

... that is 1 to 9 and down again. Write a C program that finds the integer values for x and y, where x and y are equal.

Compare C with Google's Go (IMHO modernized C) in the form of snippets.

Prime numbers are only divisible by unity and themselves, integers less than 2 and even numbers other than 2 are not prime.

Write a C function to check if a given integer is a prime number. Test your function with a prime like 9999991 or 999999929.

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