Alright, I need a program that has both a selection structure and a repetition structure. Would someone please tell me if I am doing this right. My code gives me the correct output but do I have a selection and repetition structure?

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main ()
    // variables
    double incomes = 0.0;
    double spending = 0.0;
    int totalIncome = 0;
    int totalSpending = 0;
    int subTotal = 0;
    int grandTotal = 0;
    int counterIncome = 1;
    int counterSpending = 1;

    while (incomes >= 0)
        totalIncome += incomes;
        cout << "Enter week " << counterIncome << " income value (negative value to stop):  ";
        cin >> incomes;
        counterIncome += 1;
    while (spending >= 0)
        totalSpending += spending;
        cout << "Enter week " << counterSpending << " spending value (negative value to stop):  ";
        cin >> spending;
        counterSpending += 1;
    counterIncome += 1;
    grandTotal = totalIncome - totalSpending;
    //diaplay subtotal and grandtotal
    cout << "Subtotal Income is: $ " << totalIncome << endl;
    cout << "Grand Total Profit is: $ " << grandTotal << endl;
    return 0;
Re: I need a second eye on my code. 80 80

What do you mean you need an selection structure? Are you talking about a switch statement?

Re: I need a second eye on my code. 80 80

I guess yes I am talking about a switch statement. Then this is wrong code for that.

Re: I need a second eye on my code. 80 80

That's assuming a selection structure means a switch statement. Since we don't know the context of your terms, it's hard to say with accuracy.

Re: I need a second eye on my code. 80 80

I dont see anything wrong with your code, it is beutifull. I might just use this for myself... but anyway WaltP is right... We dont know the context of your code...

If it is a switch statement, then you can add one. It will just be a little longet and maby harder. But just a little. The code seems to do its job like this so its up to you...

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