I am kinda bord and dont know what to write. I have lerned the basics of strings, references, pointers, file I/O, classes, enums (simple error functions). Also some basic exceptions. And ofcourse all the other basics of chars, ints...

So what are some cool "mini" project that i couldd work on?

Mastermind, Craps, Hangman, Lingo....

My personal experience is that choosing a random project will serve me little in the long run. I do a little design work, start coding and quickly run out of steam. What I've found useful is to attack problems relevant to me. Find some thing that you want but dont have in your everyday computing experience and built that.

Suppose, for example, you use facebook or twitter. You dont particularly like opening a browser, logging in and then browsing your feeds to see current events. Say you'd rather have a 'specialized' feed that reports the activity of your 2 or 3 most important contacts. Write an application that will stay open on the desktop and scroll this information in real time (consolidated from both facebook and twitter) without you having to have a browser open.

The ultimate goal of having a useful (to you) tool is much more motivating that a random project to expand your knowledge. You will have to learn new things in building any new software - why not make it something you want?