How to pass values from textbox to datagridview in VB 2008????

what do mean by passing values , are you want to add value in any cell ?


Try this:


Hope this helps.

yes i need to add value to the first cell , how i can do this ?

i will try this code

Try something like this
DataGridView1.Rows(1).Cells(1).Value = "Testing"
But you need to know in which row and which column you need to add value..

HI Pgmer, i tried this , but when i need to enter next cell this DataGridView1.Rows(1).Cells(1).Value = "Testing"

one disappear?? do u have other option??

disappear?? do u have other option
What you mean by disappear? Are you looping through? or static no of rows?

i mean by disapper that the value donst show on the cell when i want to enter the next value in next cell, other option i need a correct code plz...

It dissapears because you are overwritting a value. My example of code did not work?

hi Cronicle , no it dosnt work , gave me an error.