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I am trying to make a simple movie-managing application that allows the user to log into a particular username out of a list of usernames in a text file, and simply view information about movies kept in a text file.

This is my first project, from which I would like to build upon and learn from, however I am increasingley confused about what should be a class, what methods there should be, and how to high-level structure the project such that it fits with object-orientated design principles.

At the minute I have 4 classes: Manager (with main), User, Movie and Helper

main instantiates a manager object, and calls a 'start' method. The start method sets up the Login-GUI and gets a helper object to provide the username list for the user, which is displayed in a combobox. I want the application to be able to get user-unique lists of movies-seen, which atm is just a list of movie ids included in the user text file.

After choosing a user, a log-in button should then invoke an inner-class actionlistener in the manager class, which sets up the primary GUI, or should the inner class call a manager method that builds the primary GUI...? Or should the login screen and the primary screen have their own classes that extend JPanel?

As you can probably tell, I am very confused as to the correct way to go about this. Any help is greatly appreciated. Are there any learning materials (I have only read head-first java and other language-based books) that would enable me to figure out how classes and methods should fit together in even simple projects?

Thanks in advance.

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