Oops sorry! I had not put double slash in the "path" in initgraph. :o Its working now. Anyway,thanks a lot.

And the OS is xp.. but i don't get it.. how does it matter??

hi, i've the same fucking problem: My PC failed and then I must to move the HD with XP and the Turbo C++ v3.0 not run in graphics mode: The compiler show me this message: "Graphics error Device driver file not found (EGAVGA.BGI)" or, when I've traied to update the controller: "the VGA device does not exist!". But I am running the OS correctly.

of course the BGI is 20+ year old technology first developed for DOS 3 and never meant for use under Windows so it's quite possible even if you called the method that it failed and you didn't properly handle that failure.

Nop. This technology work over the HW, not over a determinally software, like Windows XP, for example. My programs was running OK, but then, with other PC, more old, don't. Why?. I've traied to reinstall TC++ 3.0, but not. I have choise to include de graphics libraries, but don't run.

do u hav a graphics card

If using TC++ than try copying all files from BGI directory to BIN folder.
It worked for me

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