hello forumerz ..
i have some issue here about my visual studio 2008..
the problem happen when i want to change example like ::

-change background picture for splash form then when i am debug the picture is still same
-Also have error when is compile "Error debug target is missing" wth! (1st time debug)

what i need to do .. uninstall it or have something to solve this prob?

help me guyz ... i really need it ..

First of all, I recommend the newest stable release of Visual Studio which is 2012, Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate RC. But most still prefer 2010 since it can support Xna and individual Express Editions. I don't know why people still use Visual Studio 2008.
To your questions:
1 - Make sure you have the right code.
Assuming your picturebox's name is 'MyPictureBox'.
Assuming the image you want to present has the following address: "C:\Images\MyImage.png".
Let me just say you can always set the image of MyPictureBox from the properties window(in Designer Window).
This is the code you would use:

  Private Sub MySplashSceen_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
  MyPictureBox.Image = Image.FromFile("C:\Images\MyImage.png")
  End Sub

2 - This is happening because when you debug your application, Visual Studio 2008 can't find the exe(or dll, but since dll can't be debugged, instead it will give a different error message).
Goto Projects in the top menu, then click properties.
Goto Build and goto Output at the bottom
Browse for the correct directory path(Default is "bin\debug\").
Or just Build the application.
Goto Build in the top menu, then click Build Solution.
I'm not sure about number 2 since I didn't actually check since I don't use 2008. I got it from another source.
This might be happening since Visual Studio 2008 doesnt re-build the application if it's the same when debugged. And if the executable file isn't found, you get that error.

i will try the new software but then i try to solve this problm 1st using your recomendation .....
i don't know... all myform get issue after i created this splash screen .. damn it

And also when iam using module had a problem too
example :-

After i am add the module
* then i want to change button text like from Enter to Submit then debug the "Enter" button still appear.

i don't know what happen with my VB ...

I don't know why people still use Visual Studio 2008.

Lots of reasons:
For example, I work in a company the customises Sage Software, at the moment there is no need for us to upgrade to 2010 or 2012 as the Sage software is written on .NET 3.5 - When sage move up to a new .NET framework then we'll upgrade...