Need help urgently. Can anyone please help me finish up a project which i have a deadline to meet in 3 hours time. It's a camp application to input and store the records of the children from my church! I have created the GUI and I am left with the coding aspect and linking to a database (sql or oracle). The pictures shows the labels and textboxes!

I am really so much in need and help so to meet this deadline or the children wouldn't be allowed to go for the camp which they (children) are so eager to go. camp Please I would be very much appreciative if I could be helped out.

Can you type with normal font, not all caps? All caps is like shouting.

Please post the code you are having problems with along with the full text of any error messages and your questions.

I hope you are kidding.
the "drag-n-drop" work is all done, but the actual work, you want to do in under three hours? tell your church you've got a serious delay. the upside is, considering who they are, they'll have no choice but to be understanding.

looks like you'll have to store the information manually for now (or in an excell sheet) and import it later on. if that's not acceptable for your church, and they decide to cancel, don't blame us, blame your failure to meet a deadline.
If you do get some extension, either hire someone (or have them hire someone) to do the work, it'll go way faster. you want to "connect your Java application to a DB like SQL" ...
yeah, you've lost us there. SQL is not a database, it's a query language used to get, store and manipulate data in a DB.

as far as I know, this is just some homework assignment, and you want us to quick-quick do the trick for you.

but have you even thought the application through? whát is it you would want us to do? what information is there? what tables, what fields in it of which type? what kind of infrastructure and technologies are you working with?

For the sake of those kids that are otherwise going to miss out on one heck of a camp, I hope I'm not wrong, and you're just a student trying to pass us his homework.

@NormR1, ok. sorry for the caps.
@stultuske, please am sorry for posting it late here . . . i was so much caught up with work and couldnt get time to research to do the application. its not my school project and rather, my school project isnt due now, so i have more time to do that one. i am really so much in need of this help so badly! i want some help with completing this application . . . i just want the code that would link the main login sceen to the main application! and also the coding that would make the inputs of the main application store the inputs when the button is clicked.

please forgive me guys but am really so much in need of this help for the kids in my church.

seriously, a decent application isn't written in three hours. we don't know what db you have, as I already stated: we don't know what frameworks you (should/have to) use, we don't know what information you are storing/using how and where.

you don't give us information, so even if we really were jumping in line to help you, we couldn't. what have you got for the back-end so far? and if the answer to that is "nothing", you better get your church on the phone and tell theme there won't be an application, at least that way they may try to provide an alternative.

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ok! how do i get the entire app to where i have started from to u cos i cant upload it here.

If you wanna upload the code,use and post the link here. You also have to hurry up becuase you don't have much time left.

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what do you have except for the gui?
do you have your data objects? a decent analysis? this forum is to help you solve any problems you have, not to write the code for you.

what is it you're stuck with? what are the errors/ error messages/ unexpected results you are getting?

post that information, together with the relevant code, and we'll see what we can do.

thankx for the help guys! Had to meet the church Camp Committee to ask for more time but i guess i was granted just one more day! - login page which i want to link to the main app - main application which i want the inputs to be save in a database

well ... not only do you have just the drag-'n-drop part (which is nothing), you wanted us to work with Oracle DB, while clearly your code states you are (trying to) work(ing) with a Derby DB.

trust me, the way I see it, since you still haven't provided any of the information someone who would want to help you could use, one day more time.... it ain't going to cut it.

just admit the pro-verbial defeat and don't lead them on. lesson learned, I hope. A deadline, no matter how many other projects you have running, is not some dynamic date that will shift to fit to your convenience. it may seem far away at first, but that's just an illusion. never wait till the very last moment to work on an application, make sure you finish (at least) a week ahead of schedule, so you can plan some time for testing and debugging. at this point, your deadline has passed, and you haven't written a single line of code.
99% of your code is generated by NetBeans, the only lines you might have written yourself, the ones for the connection to the DB, well, let's face it, you have no idea what they do, otherwise you wouldn't be requesting help on an Oracle DB, (or "sql DB").

@stultuske, i admit i am a failure but please u guys at least help me create it! if it means using another approach to get it done ! they want to just input data and it stores in a database which they can query later.

please, i really need this favour and am so much begging for the help

a few reasons why I'm not going to do this:

  1. you haven't shown any effort yourself. drag-'n-drop is no effort, any toddler with a mouse could pull that off.
  2. after all this time you still have not provided any usefull information.
    WHAT information do they want to store/read?
    HOW do they want to store it?
    HOW is it connected?
    what are your object types, what functionlalities do you need, ....

you say none of these things, which are very vital to the development of your application.
now, I 've never said you're a failure, you did, however, fail. not because you are a failure, but because you were lazy, underestimated the job and didn't plan your efforts. if you had made a working schedule, you would've finished this without any problems.

they want to store all the informations in the main application.
Also the check boxes should be made so only one option can be choosen.
All informations need to be stored so later reference can be made easily.
Query inputs based on camper name.

Also the check boxes should be made so only one option can be choosen.

That's what radiobuttons are for.

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they want to store all the informations in the main application.
Also the check boxes should be made so only one option can be choosen.
All informations need to be stored so later reference can be made easily.
Query inputs based on camper name.

seriously, I hope you're not studying to be either a developer, or an analyst.

"they want to store all the informations in the main application."
1. no, they want it stored in a DB
2. WHAT exactly is all the information? how is it supposed to be validated? against which rules? what are required data? ...
3. HOW do they want to store it? one table with a load of tables (very bad design), tables linked using foreign keys, ...

For your second line, I agree with pritaeas, and, even if you want to keep it as check boxes ... so, you mean to say you haven't even managed to complete the gui?

"All informations need to be stored so later reference can be made easily."
Yes, most likely. if you didn't want it for later reference, why storing it?

"Query inputs based on camper name"
first start with the input statements, before trying to get data from your DB. ok, so, you have a query/queries.
How many queries? what information is it supposed to be returning? how is it supposed to be shown to the user? is the user supposed to be able to update, or just consult that information?

yesterday evening, your deadline expired. you were given one day extra, you said. well, you already wasted half of that. I'll repeat what I tried to tell you earlier:
1. You don't provide nearly enough information for us to work with
2. You haven't done anything yet, and seem to think that this is "developers for rent". It really isn't. We are volunteers willing to spend our time helping you improve your code, not write it from scratch for you. Even by just requesting that, you are ignoring the community rules.
3. Even if we would want to overstep that, and help you: there is not enough time to build a decent application for you. For almost 24 hours I've been trying to get a decent sort of an analysis of the application from you, and still, except for a print-screen from your gui and the code generated for you by NetBeans, you haven't really shown us anything.

Really, do yourself a favour and stop wasting your time! If you only got an extension for one day, call your church, tell them you can't deliver, and, no... I'm not kidding when I say that. yes, it stings, but I don't see any other way of this ending, might as well give them time to prepare for it.

For your next project, do remember the old saying:

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail

because frankly, you're in that situation, right now.

From here there's no way to know if the church story is true, or just an attempt to get sympathy for homework help, but assuming it's true:
You have no choice but to go to the church, admit that you were hopelessly optimistic when you agreed to do this project, and hope that they still have time to hack together an alternative (paper?) system. It's perfectly clear from the above posts that you do not yet have a fraction of the skills you need to complete this project. It's going to take you weeks of well-supported learning and effort, although I see little sign of willingness to learn or put in effort. It's time to man up and stop deceiving anyone who may be depending upon you for this.

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ok! thankx guys! I guess i hav really done a shaddy work! i guess i will call it quits for now.

thankx for your time and contribution . . . your collective ideas hav really helped.

It's going to take you weeks of well-supported learning and effort

@JamesCherrill, I wish it only took me weeks to learn! I entered the analysis and coding world when I started university 4 years ago and I have years worth of learning to still accomplish.

@joejo, as stated throughout many posts here, it's not just the coding that you are unfamiliar with but the analysis and requirements based design is unfamiliar to you to. I'm curious, are you getting paid by the church or are you volunteering your time? If you are volunteering your time, all should be good but if you've been paid by them and will receive more $$ form them then I would suggest refunding them to save face. Also, has your church considered using Excel? I ask because I'm of the belief that people shouldn't try to re-invent the wheel if they don't have to and Excel would meet most if not all of your requirements, even if you don't know what they are.

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Also, has your church considered using Excel?

Yes, Excel would be fine. An Access db is an even more flexible alternative. Either could be set up for basic data entry in less than an hour.

Can you type with normal font, not all caps? All caps is like shouting.

Haha. I guess he wants URGENT help with his project so yeah.

Hahaha Ezzaral, I'm really liking your profile picture. Did you make that or did you find it on the interwebs? Sorry, I don't want to hijack this thread but I see, I ask! :)