Can anyone please advise me on which version of Microsoft .NET Framework is needed for an XP SP2 (32bit) machine to run a VB.NET app developed on Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 Express?

Feel a tad stupid about not checking :(

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It could be anything from .NET 2.0 to 4.0.
You just have to run the program and see if you have the latest needed version of .NET.

All projects use .Net 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, or 4.0
You can change the version in Project Properties -> Compile -> Advanced Compile Option

I should clarify my question.

I built and compiled an app the other day in Visual Basic 2010 Express. Obviously it works as designed as an EXE on my machine but I need it to run on another machine that is running XP SP2.
That machine has no .NET framework installed and my app errored out with a msg indicating no .NET framework installed....imagine that.

I would imagine that there's no need to install V1.0 and play catchup to the latest version. Additionally, I can't imagine it needs all the references and 'stuff' that require a full install. Hopefully there is a distributable .NET installation for the end user machine.

I think Visual Studio 2010 uses .Net 4.0 by default, I've never used Studio express but on the full version, Under project the properties properties page there should be an area to tell you what version of the framework you are designing for. Also, in the full version you can create deployment projects for installing on other machines with necessary prerequisites - again not sure about Express

Since I've moved company, it's been a while since I was in Visual Studio 2010 - my new company customises Sage software which needs 3.5 so we're on Visual Studio 2008...

You need to install framework in client system in which you developed ur application. You can even change the target framework in project proerty

Pgmer, thanks...
Looks like I have to upgrade these machines to XP SP3 first....slight pain but 'whatever'

Can you take look at a previous post you responded to; I'm very interested in the part about 'the Select statement on 'the Select statement with Joins and UNION at database side' with DBF files. See:


if you are using vs2008 then you can make applications on 2.0 , 3.0 and in 3.5 frameworks. and if you are working on 2010 then you can make applications of 4.0 framework.

Is it possible to employ .NET 3.5 when developing in VB Studio 2010? Just a thought as most of the machines I'm writing for in this case have 3.5 loaded. Is this something you can select in the project.

yes you can develop your project in 4.0 framework , just select your framework while creating your project.

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