Hello my fellow DaniWebbers, I have a question for you.


I am troubleshooting an ASP.NET (some one else wrote) page that has an insert form.

The user can insert, using linq, into the database.

I want to check the database for the values before inserting the values. (Safeguarding from duplicates)


Could anyone please guide me through a way to do this? I have tried reading Microsoft's Documentation on LINQ and I am still lost. (Big shocker)

P.S. I know this is an ASP.NETish question. The problem lies in the code behind, therefore; I posted in VB.NET forum.

Thank you,

Re: VB.Net/LINQ - Problem with inserting duplicates 80 80

Use a LINQ->Any having the appropiate comparasion function. For an example see here

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Re: VB.Net/LINQ - Problem with inserting duplicates 80 80

Awesome, I have frankensteined a function together that works!

Thank you, lola!

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