i'm having problem in coding for my project i.e Hospital Management System ...
plz refer me few sites which provide codes of vb.net i'v done only the code for the login form ...

i'm developin a software which i'm v new at and have no idea how 2 code in vb.net and also link SQL server 2005 with it

Perhaps if you don't know how to code in vb.Net, a Hospital Management System is not the best first project. I suggest you get a copy of Sybex - Mastering Visual Basic 2010 by Evangelos Petroutsos. You might want to have a look at the free online msdn video series

before coding , i think it is better to analyise your proj , and requirements then start developing database then start coding. , you can find so many hospital management application on net tril version or demo versions , after testing them you can better analyise your application .


Following on from what Rev. Jim said, HomeAndLearn is a great site for learning the basics of VB.Net and also includes database connections.