I have published version 1.3 of an smart client application on my intranet. The deployment goes fine. However, when I try to install the application on my system from intranet I encounter following problems.

A. "The publisher can not be verified. Are you sure you want to install this application?". This I think happened because I over wrote the original certificate of application at the time of deploying version 1.3. Then I tried to republish the same version with the my certificate, it didnt work even then. Although I had signed my certificate in trusted Publishers as well.

B. If I launch installed (version 1.2 ) application after version1.3 has been published on the intranet, it checks for updates. At this time, a message is displayed."A new version of application ABC is available. Do you want to download it now?" and with this message it displays two buttons for OK and SKIP.. If I click SKIP, it launches version 1.2, Although I want all the users to hav newer version of the application. Is there any way to hide this SKIP button?

C. When I get version 1.3 running on my system, and I click on of its options, it displays a crystal reports error. Please find it at this URL:


Any help will be appreciated


A. It sounds like there's a problem with your security certificate. Did you buy a certificate or generate your own? Do you have a backup of the certificate? If so, try reintall it.

B. Not sure about the autoupdate

C. Looks like you're missing a Crystal DLL. Make sure all the DLLs in the references in your project are on the target PC.

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