Hi All,

I am developing a Java Swing application where I am using MS Access database.

The problem is when I want to move this project to another location or machine or workspace, I need to change the data source properties in "Administrative Tools".

Is there any work-around for this so that we can directly export the project as .jar file and there should be no need to create/change the properties of data source?

Please help.

Vishal Bhavsar

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if you want to execute your project that contains some database in another machine , you DEFINITELY need to set the DATA SOURCE in that machine.

may be you can import and export database files as a single file but you cant import and export Data source settings...

Its as simple as this...
you can run your java application in another machine ONLY if that machine also contains java installed in it. similarly you can execute your database application only if the connection settings are properly there in that machine..


I'd recommend switching to H2 for your database. You wouldn't need to mess with the Jet drivers or data sources at all. All you need is the H2 jar.

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