(code)      function recalcnet(txt) {
switch (txt) {
case '0' :
function recalcnet1() {
var prevbal = 0;
var demand = 0;
var whatif = 0;
var sched = 0;
prevbal = document.getElementById('BegInvTextbox').value;
demand = document.getElementById('dm1TextBox').value;
whatif = document.getElementById('ifm1TextBox').value;
sched = document.getElementById('fmm1TextBox').value;
document.getElementById('nm1TextBox').value(prevbal - demand + whatif + sched)};

I call recalcnet(0) with a onchange.
i get error saying object does support this action.
I have 4 row of 20 textbox dename, whatif sched and net. any time a text box in what if or sched changes I want to recalculat the total in net for that cloumn and any column after. I tried several versions over the last week and stillget error.