i have an application which send email upon submission of the loan application. if the recepient email ID is yahoo or hotmail i dont have any problem but when the email ID is gmail. it treated it as spam. How do i get rid of this. Please help me !!!

You can't just bypass a email provider's spam settings by tweaking your email. If you could spam filters would be useless.

Spam filters will usually kick out anything that has certian keywords (especially in the title) or not enough information in the body as well as improper HTML tags (HTML mail).

programatically can i do anything to avoid my mail from treated as spam. Any specific code's to add in.

One thing you can do is to display a message to the user stating that some email systems with aggressive spam filters may block the receipt of your email. You could warn them to either whitelist your address or check the spam box.

Alternately, you could send two messages. One would be the receipt and the other could be a generic (no suspicious keywords or phrases) saying that a receipt has been sent and if it is not received in a specified time frame that it was likely blocked by a spam filter. That email should contain an address to reply to if the receipt was not received.

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