Good day! I have this class for Players:

using namespace std;

class Players
              char Level[2];
              float SetPower();

Players Pl,

float Players::SetPower()
                case '1':
                return 5000; break;

int main()
    cout<<"Your current Power is: "<<Pl.SetPower()<<endl;
    return 0;

Now I got this error: "switch quantity not an integer". Im not switching "int" here but "char". Whats wrong with my code?
I dont want yo use if else as it makes it ugly.
Thank you!

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You're using a char array (ie. a string), which the switch statement cannot work with. I tested it with switch(Pl.Level[0]), and it compiles. On the same note, Pl.Level='1'; would change the address of the pointer, not the first value in the array.

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The expression of a switch statement must be of an integer type. That means you can use a single char but not a char array.

Thank you nmaillet, NathanOliver!

Converting the switch variable make it workes since I only need the first character.

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