Hi ,

I am new to Dani Web after browsing so many sites i have found this site as usefull. Saw replied to all queries that posted here.In the same Hope i am posting my Query here.

I want to automate a webpage using excel macros.The issues i am facing is after entering the login creds,when i click on login button image.it will show a home page after this if i click an any hyper link it will open a new window and if click on anything again it will open an new window. i want to post some values to form in thrid window which was navigated from login..i am not able to pass the controll from Page to Page.
Any help is appreciated.

Thanks for the help in advance :)

Have a look at this Link, it has plenty of sample code.... If that does not work for you, please give us more information on what you want to do with form 3.... post values to what.... etc.

Hi AndreRet Thanks for the link....But it doesnt work for me..my requirment is after i login to application the home page will be opened as pop up window no url in that...and if i click on any link link in home page again new pop up window will be opened so i am not able perform anything in homw page...i want to do it with VB...thanks in advance :)