Would anyone know of a C++ report generator which can be compiled as part of a C++ Applicaiton?
Is this how report generators generally work or are they largely standalone applicaitons?


Please define what you mean by "report generator". Or do you mean documentation generator, like doxygen?

Report Generator, like Crystal Reports. I'm talking about something which can use database information to create a report of chronological data and charts,frequencies for example. Doxygen does look good though. Do you know if this can be compiled with an application? I'll need to lear a little more about it.

You may also want to check out www.Windward.net. We're a .Net and Java report generator. Depending on how you want it structured, it can be stand alone or not.
Our OEMs love it as it can be white labled, is embeddable and doesn't involve a lot of coding.
Good luck in your search,
Annette with Windward

Is it possible to create charts in Docgen. Any way to put charts into Doc Gen and if so is DocGen compilable with a C++ applicaiton?