For thos who is nice enough to answer. I am buidling a web bot usig and learning is ok for now. But I have a question to ask.
I made a bot that automaticly login in a webpage using one click. Now how do I continue by putting a wait of x seconds before doing a webpage button click on that page all within my first action? Example I click start on my software it logs in then wait 2 seconds then click on a web button then wait 3 seconds then fill a webform text box then click web button and stop. (page load would be fine if timing is difficult)
Any help would be great. :)

Don't know if this will work for you but you could try creating a loop after the program has logged in which checks to see if 2 seconds has passed using the timeofday.second function. Once you log in, the current second is set. You then check this variable to see if its greater than/equal to the variable + 2 seconds.