I would like my vb2010 program to click on a javascript element on this webpage depending upon what they choose, here is the source of the rating system, thanks in advance:

<div class="basic-info-rating basic-info-user-rating" style="display:none">
<div class="rating quick-rating">
<p class="average rating-3">3 stars</p>
<ol class="user" data-analytics='{"click_id":1865,"events":"event6,event7,event24"}' data-ypid="5550608">
<li class="rating-1">
<a data-analytics='{"rating":1}' href="JavaScript:void(0);">
1 stars
<li class="rating-2">
<a data-analytics='{"rating":2}' href="JavaScript:void(0);">
2 stars
<li class="rating-3">
<a data-analytics='{"rating":3}' href="JavaScript:void(0);">
3 stars
<li class="rating-4">
<a data-analytics='{"rating":4}' href="JavaScript:void(0);">
4 stars
<li class="rating-5">
<a data-analytics='{"rating":5}' href="JavaScript:void(0);">
5 stars

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Are you developing in ASP .net? Why not use a label or link label and handle the click event in your code postback?

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