Hey guys, I've done alot of work coding a script that works great in Python. I hope to move it into java then hopefully into an android app.

Any advice on getting started? I have searched and searched and cannot really find a good way to do this. I had thought about compiling the script in Jython and going from there but not sure how to use Jython or if it supports the libraries I am using:

import sys
import csv
import re
import json
import time
import string
import random
import urllib
import urllib2

Any pointers would be great. I can send the code to you if you want to see it. It's a script for a game I play and wanted to let friends use it. Thanks

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I do not have android myself, but why not just use Android Scripting Environment and Python?

Had hoped to keep the code somewhat private dont want it being manipulated. Most of the people that want to use it would have no idea how to setup the python scripting for Android. If it was in Java I guess it would work on Android and iOS.

Using the SL4A is a simple and good choice, for securing your script you can Compile it as a *.pyc file and run it from another script via importing it. Or, you can make an apk file and then pass it toyour friends.
i think installing SL4A and Py4A is not a hard task and its about installing just two apk files. thats it.

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