Please help me. I want to make my software a trial version for 30 days. Help me with code to use , and the steps. •̸ŤђαϞĸs

•̸ŤђαϞĸs, I have download the software, how will I go about the configuration. I don't understand the installation code, and the rest θƒ the configuration. Please help me ooo.

Moreso, I am using 2010. Can the software work with it. Cos the version I download is vb2008

I don't understand the configuration θƒ the software. Please kindly put me through. Thanks


I haven't actuallly looked at it yet, as I'm still finalising the specs for my project. It was just recommended to me by a colleague. It supports limited time licencing and is free. from what I did look at there seams to be plenty of examples on the web site and user forum including tutorials - I think it should still work with VS 2010 - if you are worried about it, you could set up your project to use .Net 3.5 (it should be under project options)

•̸ŤђαϞĸs so much. So how can I integrate it into my code.

It would probably be easier to write a file on the users computer which stores the information about the first time the software was run. Then on each loadup, check this file to see if 30 days have passed. If they have then lock the program. Not too hard to write

•̸ŤђαϞĸs. But can you give me a clue on the code ....please...please...I don't know it at all. •̸ŤђαϞĸs

Ok i'm not going to do it for you but you will need to know about these things.

TimeOfDay.Now.DayOfYear (this will give you a number such as 255 which is the 255th day of the year)

So all you have to do is write this number to a file when the project is downloaded and then on each load of the project, check if currentDay >= 255+30

Simples. Hope this helps

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