I have got a assignment. I have a folder which have some text file. In the text file there have some students info such as fathers name, mothers name, contact number etc. And every text file name is like 'AddressBook_038'. here 038 is the roll number. It is different for every students.
My assignment is there have a textfile and a browse button. There also have a datagrid view. Datagridview column is roll, fathers name, mothers name, contact number. I have to create such program that when I click browse button and select the folder the data automatically show in datagrid view. Such as in the roll column only show the roll. Program automatically read the text file name and input the data after (_) in the roll column. Then it read the info from the text file and show data after ( : ) in the others column.
I don't understand how I can do this? I do something which I give it bellow:

OpenFD.InitialDirectory = "C:\"
        OpenFD.Title = "Open your Floder"
        Dim didwork As Integer = OpenFD.ShowDialog()