Hi All,
I am somewhat confused about how to put this before you, so pardon me if it creates confusion in your head.

Requirement:: To write a removal Tool for a Software.

Language:: C (preferred), C++ (Will do), Windows API (Will also do)

Problem:: The problem is where and how to start. I know all the registry keys and files to be deleted to remove the software. But I do not want them to be hard-coded in my code as it will be very messy for me to change or add a path or registry value every time if the software is modified to create any more keys or files or folders. So, I want to know as to how should I start? What should be my approach or the structure of my code to achieve this? Any pointers would be of very great help.

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Store them in a file that the program will read.
Use a code that tells you what the file entry is, like


@WaltP- Thanks for the advice. Could you shed some more light on the topic like giving an example or some links to make it more clearer. Treat me as a fresher :-)

I really don't have any links. If you use the above, it's just a matter of reading a line, checking the 1st character and compiling the data to make the change. When all the data has been read, the change can be made or an error displayed if there i missing data.

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