I have never used Dllimportattribute.
But i am supposed to have a DLL added that way.
Could somehow give me a better understanding about this?

Basically in my project i need to import a dll (beidlib.dll) this way.
I figured adding a class inside my project the way explained in this url.

But seems there is more to it.

The DLLImportAttribute is used to import a specific function from a native library. It does not import the entire library. You need the documentation for the function to define the signature properly. For imports from Microsoft Windows API's see http://www.pinvoke.net/.

A quick websearch on beidlib.dll leads me to believe that you been asking how to access this library on several forums and finding no joy in doing so. If this is incorrect, please accept my appologies for the inference.

I am assuming that this library is the Belgium Identity Card library. If this is so, then this library may help. http://delphi32.blogspot.com/2008/07/belgian-eid-card-access-sdk.html