hey... i want a c code for problem of SUDOKU...

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Are you looking for someone to hire to write this code for you? I'm currently out of work, so I'll code this for you if you pay me £100, but you'll have to put your money into my Paypal account first. Let me know if you need my Paypal details. Unless this is homework, of course. If it's homework you'll need to write it yourself, sorry.

If you're coding it yourself, think about what the rules of Sudoku are, how it's played, how the game might be represented or stored, and what operations you'll need to code up.

i will it for 100 $ ;)

I can do it for 100€

I think that's quite enough of the "me too" joke offerings to do it for money.

commented: you are also well in cracking jokes, ;) +2

Yeah, especially when they probably can't...

I have wrote well running code of sudoku as i didn't have any doubt at this time to ask. ;) So i will help him definitely if he tries himself a little bit ;)

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