I really hope that you can help me installing and configuring Eclipse CDT and MinGW-w64 on my windows 7 64 bit pc.
I swear that I am not asking this question as being lazy for not searching but really I have been searching for almost 2 days with no success.

I am an intermediate programmer but I didn't have this experience of installing something similar before.
-)I didn't know how to install MinGW-w64 after downloading it..I was looking for an exe file but there is not.
-)I am even not sure what exactly I should download as I found
and also others so I am not sure which to download and what are all those files, which of them should be downloaded?

-)After installing eclipse, the toolchain which as far as I understand should be linked to the MinGW-w64 is not linked to it and can't find how to link them. I have seen some video tutorials for 32 bit machines using MinGW and it toolchain was linked automatically only by adding c:\MinGW\bin to the PATH variable. I have tried but with no success with MinGW-w64.

Can you please help with a little bit detailed instructions and explanation?

Thank you in advacne.

The download you're looking for is mingw-w64-v2.0.6.tar.gz, here.

It looks like MinGW-64 is distributed as a gzipped tarball and there's not a Windows installer, so you'll need to extract it. I use WinRAR to handle extraction of gzipped tarballs, you may consider that too. Once the package is extracted (note I'm going by flakey memory here), you'll basically need to manually create the MinGW folder and set up paths. As I said, there doesn't appear to be any installer, so that stuff won't be done for you.

Then you'll install Eclipse and under its compiler settings point it to the requisite files in your MinGW folder (ie. gcc.exe for the compiler, gdb.exe for the debugger, as.exe for the assembler, ld.exe for the linker). I don't use Eclipse, so I'll let someone else chime in with details.

As an alternative if you don't need full 64-bit compatibility, you can just install the 32-bit versions, which will probably be much simpler given existing installers and instructions.

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