I need helping using the DataGridView in vb. This needs to show the degrees from 2001 and 2003. I displayed some examples also! The things this needs to display are the following:

  1. Display degrees in alphabetical order by field of study.
  2. Decreasing percentage of those enrolled for the two years
  3. Order by increasing number of degrees and displayed with asterisks with one askterisk equaling 10,000

If you could just get me started that would be great!


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Where would the data be coming from? a Database? If so, which Sql statement are you using to retrieve said data?

I am only using the DataGridView control. Is there a way to do it without a database?

You then need to either type the data from a list or get it from where you will be reading from by using the following code...

DataGrid1.Columns(<column index>) = "Hello, world!"
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