hi i am a php developer. i am working as a beginner. but now i have got a project in C#. i have practice of writing sample code in C++ so i think C# will not be that tough. but i dont how to use it to make a desktop application.please just guide me which software should i use start coding putting input, getin output, database management.

If you're specifically targeting Windows, you can use Visual Studio Express. If you want to support Mac and Linux as well, you'll probably want to go with MonoDevelop. There are a lot of IDE's out there, just Google it, same goes for quick tutorials on creating desktop applications.

Main applications used for developing in C# and connecting databases are Visual studios (as nMaillet said) to write your C# apps and SQL server for your databases. I've only ever used 2005 onwards for both IDE's and prefer Visual studios 2010 version and 2008 version of SQL server.

If you know C++ then learning C# should be a breeze, theres a book called "Head First C#" that I purchased which is good but I didnt use much.

Good luck (you won't need it though).


window application is desktop application in c#.

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If you have installed Visual studio as said above, start the program -> File -> New -> Project / Solution.
This will take you to windows forms application by default, further there are options like class library, Windows Forms Application, console application etc, u can choose any of them based on the requirement.
According to what you have said above, I suppose you should select Windows Form Application and continue, it will take you to default form,
start designing and enjoy coding.. :)