Straight to the point. I want to create a software, as a self motivation to do more programming. A SOFTWARE, doesn't matter how ugly it is, how simple it is, as long as software and not just a simple 'HELLO WORLD' program.
The question is, if i have a source code from open source or somewhere else, what should i do next? How to make it as a software.
I need a suggestion on books or any useful website. Thank you for your advice.

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What language is the software written in? There are hundreds of them. What you should do next depends on the language. Some languages such as html and java are interpreted when they are run, others such as c, c++, c#, and VB require a compiler to translate the text file that contains the program into an executable program. And there is a different compiler for each language that reauires a compiler.

As for books -- search amazon.com. Usefule websites: how about DaniWeb???? w3schools is another good one for web programming.

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Thanks ancient dragon.
But what i cant understand is, when i compile c++ its just simple cmd..and not really a 'software'...For example Mathcad or Matlab or Autocad...how it was made to have the installer, tab, and everything...

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