what is the run time error 424 , object is Required and how i can solve it ...

A 424 error indicates there is either a reference to an uninstantiated object variable, an attempt to perform an invalid operation on an object (such as assigning a value to a read-only property) or a missing DLL/component file. All this information can be found in the VB help file by searching on "424".

If this doesn't help you solve your problem, then post your code so we know what statement is giving the error and we'll try to assist more.

Private Sub cmd_EnterMenu_Click()
 If rs.State = adStateOpen Then rs.Close
If newflag <> 0 Then
MsgBox "Inserting New Record Mode, Press EXIT Button To Return To Normal Mode", vbCritical, "Attention"
Exit Sub
End If

If ProjectNo.Text = "" Then Exit Sub
ProjectNo1 = ProjectNo.Text
mainForm.Show 1, ProjectMainDate

End Sub

the error in line 10 , what can i do ,  please ?

Your error occurs because - the mainForm is to be loaded in modal mode, no problem. You then have a reference to an object called ProjectMainDate which is not part of your project. In other words....

You are telling vb6 to load mainForm that is in a project called ProjectMainDate. This project is not linked or added to your current project, hence the error because it does not exist.

You need to locate the project called ProjectMainDate and add it to your current project - click on Project - Add Standard EXE Project. This will now run as part of your application.

its already in a project but its a form ,, is there is any suggestion??

If your form called mainForm is NOT in a project called ProjectMainDate, it will not load and will show the error as above because you told it to look for the form in ProjectMainDate.

What is your project called?

i re- add the project but now i need from you to fix this error please  : its the same error msg: 

Private Sub cmd_Material_list_Click()
With Material_List
     If rs.State = adStateOpen Then rs.Close
        rs.Open "SELECT * FROM [01 New Material List] WHERE projectno = '" & ProjectNo1 & "'", db, adOpenDynamic, adLockReadOnly
    Set .DataGrid2.DataSource = rs
    .CProj.Caption = " Current Project : - " & ProjectNo1
    .CUser.Caption = " User : -  " & currentuser
    .Show 1
End With
End Sub

the error in line 7 , help me plz 

i solve the above error but nnow i face this one Dim Report As New rpurchaising_followup what the referrence should i add to the project ??

rpurchaising_followup is probably in a class in your project. search your project to see if it exists. If not, you will need the class to use the report. It might also be part of your crystal report classes, not sure.

i add all related class but it gives me a syntax error that cant copmile the project and the text class convert to rabesh data.

This question has been answered. Please mark as solved. I will answer on your new question - compile error...