Hi guys n Gals!
I am facing a stupid problem in VB6 and not able to sort it out. Your help needed urgently.

When i open the project system gives error loading from .log files and when i run it using F5 then for some inbuilt functions like date, time, trim, ucase etc it's giving complie eror : Can't find project/library

I never faced problem like this. I think there's no need to define a library for inbuilt functions.

Pls help as without rectifying this, i won;t be able to run the project further


This post doesn't belong in the community introductions, as much as the VB6 Forum. It seems to me, however, that if the required VB runtimes are not installed (deleted for some reason, infected by a virus and quarentined, whatever...) that the internal functions would take a crap. I've never personally faced this problem, but first thing is to reinstall VB6. Once you do that, repost, and let me know what happens.